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Becoming A Foster Parent
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  Becoming A Foster Parent

Individuals must meet the following criteria for consideration as a foster care parent. If you meet these requirements and wish to complete an inquiry form, please click here.


  • You must be at least 21 years of age
  • You must complete a background check (more information)
  • You must have adequate space in your home for an additional child
  • You must be able to provide transportation
  • You must be free of communicable diseases and able to handle stress
  • You must be successful in managing your own family life and finances
  • You must possess patience and understanding for the needs of children


  • Initial 6 hours of training to be completed at the agency for everyone 18 and older who resides in the home. An additional 18 hours of training for the prospective foster parents to be completed within 120 days. (more information)
  • Upon successful completion and approval of criminal and child abuse background checks, the agency will register and pay for the prospective foster parents and any additional adults 18 years of age or older who reside in the home to complete their FBI clearance. The necessary family members will take the registration and their state issued identification to a designated location to have their FBI fingerprints completed. (more information)
  • Complete online Pennsylvania Criminal Clearance for everyone 14 and older who resides in the home. The cost is $10. (more information)
  • Complete Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearance for everyone 14 and older who resides in the home. The cost is $10.
  • Gather copies of homeowner's or renter's insurance, deed/mortgage payments or lease, drivers license, car insurance and registration as well as copy of last year's W2 and pet vaccinations.
  • Preliminary home study of your home where the recruiter will come to your home and inspect for safety requirements and space
  • Your doctor must complete a health statement from our agency
  • When all paperwork is completed and the home is ready the recruiter will come to your home again to re-inspect and finalize the process


The Center City Office covers the following zip codes:
19128, 19129, 19140, 19134, 19137, 19125, 19133, 19132, 19122, 19121, 19131, 19151, 19139, 19104, 19130, 19123, 19108, 19109, 19107, 19106, 19103, 19102, 19146, 19147, 19145, 19148, 19112, 19116, 19154, 19115, 19114, 19152, 19136, 19135, 19149, 19111, 19124, 19120, 19141, 19126, 19138, 19144, 19119, 19150, 19118, as well as Montgomery County and Bucks County.

The Swarthmore Office covers the following zip codes:
19143, 19142, 19153, 19113, as well as Delaware County and Chester County


Philadelphia Program Office
7210 Rising Sun Avenue Suite A
Administrative Office Philadelphia, PA 19111
(215) 203-8733
(215) 745-0329 (Fax)
Toll Free: 1-877-NFI-4KID

  Swarthmore Program Office
630 Fairview Road, Suite 202
Swarthmore, PA 19081
(610) 328-4631 (Fax)