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  Frequently Asked Questions

What is Foster Care?
Foster care is a temporary arrangement for a planned period of time. At times children ages birth through 18 years of age are not always able to live with their biological family for many different reasons. When the need arises, these children are placed in qualified, approved foster homes. During this time, the biological family is able to work out their problems in order for the child to return home.

How Long Are Children in Foster Care?
Every case is different. Some children are in foster care only a few months and some may end up being adopted. The child’s length of stay all depends on the circumstances of their placement and the cooperation of the biological family.

What Must I Provide for a Foster Child?
There are many state regulations concerning foster parents. However, the most important things you must provide are food, clothing, shelter, and most of all love and support. All of the other regulations and requirements will be reviewed at orientation.

Will I Receive Support When Working With a Foster Child?
Yes. A case manager will be assigned to you upon the placement of a child. This caseworker will maintain weekly contact with you and the child. The agency has 24 hours, 7 days a week emergency on-call service.

What if a child comes to me with nothing?
In some cases, children do come to us with just the clothes on their back. Of course discuss the situation with your case manager because they may be able to get an emergency clothing allowance for some of these cases.

Do I have to own a home?
No. You may rent a home or apartment. As long as the child(ren) have enough space and are not sharing a bedroom with an adult, it is alright to rent your property.

Do I have to be married?
No. Singles are welcome also.

Is it alright if I have pets?
Yes. We would like to meet your pets. We also need a copy of their up-to-date rabies vaccinations if you have dogs and/or cats.

Can I choose what child characteristics I would like?
Yes. We will ask you what age-range, sex, race and religion you would like to work with.

Do the children each need their own bedroom?
No. Children can share rooms if there is adequate space. Bunk-beds are fine. Children under 5 years of age can share a bedroom with a child of the opposite sex. Each child must have his or her own bed.

Can I reach the agency after hours for emergencies?
Yes. There is a 24-hour on-call service. Simply call your program office and speak with the answering service that will notify the on-call manager to contact you about your emergency.

What if the foster child needs counseling services?
New Foundations may refer a child to be evaluated for treatment to determine whether therapy services are appropriate. If it is determined that services should be provided, New Foundations will coordinate with CBH and the referred agency to coordinate therapeutic services for the child and family.

Do foster children have severe behavior problems?
No. Typically children with severe behavior problems are sent to therapeutic homes or group homes with other agencies. our children may have emotional issues because of the traumas they have experienced. Sometimes their experiences cause them to act out in inappropriate ways, however you will always have support from the agency as well as training on how to discipline effectively.

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Administrative Office Philadelphia, PA 19111
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