Discipline Policy

State regulations contain the following statements:

A. Discipline

  1. Foster children shall be directed with techniques that stress praise and encouragement.
  2. Foster children may not be subjected to verbal abuse, derogatory remarks or threats of removal from the foster home.

B. Punishment: The following forms of punishment are prohibited:

  1. Abusive discipline practices.
  2. Physical punishment inflicted upon the body.
  3. Punishment for bed wetting or actions related to toilet training.
  4. Delegation of punishment to another child.
  5. Denial of meals, clothing, or shelter.
  6. Denial of elements of the Service Plan or ISP.
  7. Denial of communication with, or visits by, the child’s family.
  8. Assignment of physically strenuous exercise or work solely as punishment.

C. Control

  1. Passive physical restraint is the only allowable method of restraining a child, however; New Foundations employs a “no touch” policy, and passive physical restraint is strictly prohibited.

At New Foundations, Inc., acceptable consequences are:

  1. Reduction of allowance
  2. Reduction of privileges
  3. Assignment of practical tasks or chores

Discipline, which teaches responsibility, is emphasized rather than punishment