Your 6-hours of orientation and training will cover topics such as:


  1. New Foundations Practices
  2. Policies and procedures for discipline and control
  3. Resource parent and agency staff roles
  4. Government regulations and New Foundations policies
  5. First Aid
  6. Infection control procedures/Environmental Hygiene

Pre-Service Training

  1. Identification and prevention of child abuse and child sexual abuse
  2. Behavior and Development
  3. Trauma (People Places Parenting Skills TFC training #3-1 hour in office, 2 hour take home packet)
  4. The Teaching-Learning Journey (People Places Parenting Skills TFC training #1-3 hours)
  5. Reasonable and Prudent Parenting-HB477
  6. Ansell-Casey life skills training
  7. LGBTQ training
  8. Cultural Competency
  9. CPSL Training