Treatment Foster Care / Specialized Behavioral Health

NFI’s Treatment Foster Care (TFC) program provides comprehensive case management services for children ages 0-21 in out-of-home placement.

TFC parents receive specialized training and increased case management support to help children dealing with trauma, and other significant emotional and behavioral issues. TFC parents are also expected to work with case management staff to ensure that children in this program receive the necessary physical, mental and behavioral health services needed to support positive growth. NFI offers a TFC training curriculum for NFI resource parents and for resource parents with outside agencies that do not offer TFC services.

NFI’s Specialized Behavioral Health (SBH) program provides comprehensive resource parent support services to resource parents who accept SBH level children in their home. SBH level children are dealing with issues including, but not limited to: trauma, neglect or abuse, and lack of supervision or basic standards of care. NFI staff provides increased support to the resource parents caring for these children in an effort to support safety, permanency and well-being, along with prioritizing placement stability.