Additional Incentives for becoming a Resource Parent

$200.00 - Refer a Friend:

This means that if our existing resource or kinship parents refer a friend to become a resource parent and they become certified, the resource parent that referred them is eligible to receive a $200.00 bonus.

$200.00 - Resource parent certification completed within 60 days:

This means that any resource or kinship parents that are able to be certified within 60 days are eligible to receive a $200.00 bonus as a reward for their timeliness!

$350.00 - First emergency placement completed (E1LG):

This means that when a resource parent accepts their first emergency placement and keeps the child in their home until they are removed to move to a permanent placement, the resource parent is eligible to receive a $350.00 bonus. This is for the FIRST Emergency Placement ONLY, and does not apply to any emergency placements accepted after the initial one.