New Foundations, Inc. is committed to finding permanent homes for children by working closely with individuals who hope to create or complete their family through adoption.

Through Foster-to-Adopt, NFI resource families have the opportunity to adopt children who are placed in their home. Resource families interested in adoption will undergo a comprehensive home study, interview process and background checks that will help NFI Adoption staff determine whether the family is an adoptive resource for the child awaiting permanency.

Adoption is one of NFI’s largest programs, and continues to grow as we work diligently to match children with their forever homes.

NFI currently provides the following Adoption Pre-Permanency services through the State Wide Adoption Network (SWAN): Child Profiles, Family Profiles, Child Preparation, Finalization, Child Placement Referrals, Child Specific Recruitment and Waiting Family Recruitment. NFI also provides Post-Permanency services, through SWAN, which include Case Assessment, Case Management and Respite.

If you are interested in learning more about our adoption program, please contact us at